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ChargePost specialises in connecting electric vehicle (EV) chargers to existing kerbside infrastructure.


We design, supply and install 7kW and 22kW electric vehicle chargers for public and commercial use including local councils, universities, hospitals, shopping centres and commercial carparks. 


All our EV chargers are smart, safe and simple to install. A cost effective, practical and scalable solution for private and publicly available EV charging networks. 


Charging an EV needs to be easy, reliable, low cost and accessible by all.   

Our mission:  To supply and support affordable and practical EV charging solutions using existing kerbside infrastructure powered by sustainable energy resources.

What makes ChargePost Unique? 


ChargePost supplies 7kW (single-phase) and 22kW (3-phase) electric vehicle chargers for public/commercial use.

  • Includes a Built-in Meter reader (Elexon/BSC approved), 4G sim-connectivity, and is one of the few EV chargers specifically engineered for connection to existing Australian kerbside infrastructure.

  • Can be installed in as little as 30-60 minutes.

  • Contactless convenience via Smartphone App, Touch-free/Tap-and-Go Credit Card, NFC, QR Code or Fob activated.

  • Full OCPP/API software platform providing real-time reporting and functionality.

  • Tested, safe and proven, with over 25,000 units installed throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • In-built 7 key safety features to regulate power supply and electricity flow.

  • We offer an end-to-end service – from installation, ongoing customer service, maintenance, and support. 

  • Income generation for local councils/businesses – customers are charged a set rate (cents per kWh), and revenue can be shared with local councils/landlords.

Electric vehicle charging using existing kerbside power poles and lamp posts to charge electric vehicles

Local Councils

Kerbside on street electric vehicle charging  power poles and lamp posts to charge electric vehicles

Universities / Schools / Hospitals

Kerbside on street EV charger connects to power poles and lamp posts with contactless payment

EV Owners

Commercial kerbside on street electric vehicle charger landlords tenants

Interested? Lets chat:

Fill in our form and we will make sure your local council knows you’d like a ChargePost where you live or email

Thanks for contacting ChargePost. Your enquiry has been forwarded to our customer support team and we will respond within 24 hours. Thanks.

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Sydney Office:

 1 Margaret Street 

Sydney NSW 2000

Melbourne Office:

 125 Union Street 

Windsor VIC 3181

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