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To supply and support affordable and practical EV charging solutions powered by sustainable energy resources and use existing kerbside infrastructure.


1) ChargePost is committed to supporting the transport sector to reduce greenhouse emissions.

2) Ubiquitous and equitable kerbside EV charging infrastructure is essential to this support the transition.

3) ChargePost aims to educate and share on all things EV charging infrastructure related, including international trends.

Around the globe governments and businesses are striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach climate change reduction targets. In Australia the goals of attaining a 43% reduction in emissions by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050 require new ways of living and working. The transport sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions of all sectors in Australia therefore electric vehicle (EV) adoption is critical for reducing these emissions.


Convenient access to charging facilities is needed to build confidence for drivers to switch to EVs and reach short and long-term emissions goals. While some EV owners can charge their vehicles at home or work, not all will have this option, including around 15% of inner-city residents. Travelling away from home or work charging facilities for extended periods also requires more public charging infrastructure. However, the cost and effort to build this infrastructure have been obstacles.

Fortunately, connecting EV chargers to existing kerbside infrastructure – including power poles, lampposts or existing bollards – is a practical, low-cost, and simple solution. Since 2019, our UK manufacturer – CityEV – has installed more than 25,000 chargers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe with outstanding results.


Utilising existing infrastructure significantly reduces the cost and complexity of installing EV chargers that are easily accessible.


ChargePost works closely with CityEV and builds on its success to introduce this simple and cost-effective EV charging solution to Australia. We offer complete EV charging solutions to local councils and other organisations – from initial planning and consultation to installation and ongoing support. Our EV chargers have been successfully installed in a number of commercial and private car parks throughout Melbourne, Victoria, and we are expanding rapidly.

Meet the Founders

Matt De Propertis ChargePost founder director

Founder / Director

Matt De Propertis

Matt has been involved with several successful start-ups. Before founding ChargePost, his roles included business analyst, senior property consultant and business development manager. Over the last 4 years, Matt has been providing property acquisition and consulting advice for many of Victoria’s largest infrastructure projects as part of Victoria’s Big Build.

In his spare time Matt loves exploring Australia with his family in their camper trailer and on his motorbike. Central to establishing ChargePost was his family – knowing that better EV charging solutions can contribute to rebalancing and caring for our planet.

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Gab Aghion ChargePost Co-founder


Gab Aghion

Gab brings over 25 years of project management experience to ChargePost. After working for a multinational, he founded BRM Projects in 2004, which provides end-to-end management and delivery of ​property and workplace solutions. Gab leads a team of designers, project managers and property specialists who deliver a wide range of commercial projects across Australia.


When not leading the team or defending his expert reports in court, Gab can be found frustratedly searching for EV charging locations across Melbourne (which inspired him to establish ChargePost) whilst driving his two daughters to dance practice, heading to an Essendon game, or getting the puppy to the vet.

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