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Solar Panel Roof

Commercial / Residential / Hotel / Industrial Car Parks / Body Corporate / Property Developers / Landlords / Hospitals / Supermarkets / Shopping Centres

Our chargers can be easily installed into new or existing car parks. No cutting up existing concrete, no digging trenches. Our qualified technicians will establish our clients charging requirements, calculate forecasted power loads and provide a detailed solution. 

Full support to plan and install Chargers

Our advanced back-end platform enables constant network monitoring of individual sockets to ensure availability whilst diagnosing any faults remotely to deliver speedy repair.  We can also manage power at individual sockets to enable load balancing for local network requirements.

Our software allows everyone to find ChargePost, access information and control their charging. Our account customers are able to store their vehicle details and contact information in addition to their payment details to ensure their charging experience is as hassle free as possible.

For our commercial customers, detailed usage information is available to determine which ChargePosts are being used and how often. This ensures the roll-out and installation is targeted to where chargers have the highest utilization rates.

1 rapid dc charger equals 25 ac chargepoints

Least environmental impact

By making full use of existing infrastructure, far less material is used in the delivery of ChargePost than other forms of charging.  Less copper wire, less metal, less plastic and less concrete.  Our chargers cost a fraction of the civil works, pathway rectification works and the supply of new infrastructure for other units.

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